Thursday, May 1, 2008

Self Portrait

That's right.  That's me.  This was done for May's Jelly of the Month.  The topic was, of course, self portrait.  Get in line, ladies.  Cintiq/Sketchbook Pro.


Favela said...

whoa...i knew there was a reason i was afraid of you. you made this face a lot. awesome work, man!

Jony Chandra said...

Nice one. Great work man!

Jeff Allen said...

When did you and Brian Posehn switch heads and necks? Beautifully done. I like how your goatee is barely visible...just like in real life!

Michael Borkowski said...

Eric, if I made that face a lot, I gots some problems and I don't blame you for being afraid of me.

Thanks Jony!

Jeff, I was honestly thinking of you when I was drawing the goatee. Hence, I made sure it was barely visible.

Brian, thanks for the head and neck.

Jeff Allen said...

Really? Have I mentioned that to you before? Oop.