Saturday, July 19, 2008

Venture Bros. Scene/storyboards from "Tears of a Sea Cow"

Here's a scene from The Venture Bros. episode "Tears of a Sea Cow" (formerly "Murder O'Clock" as you can see on the boards) that I storyboarded. This time I have also uploaded my actual boards for this scene. You can see them in this post and the two following it. These are actually pretty rough for me, but they have all the information the animators need (except that I forgot to draw the Monarch's wings! Actually I think in this scene they were supposed to be charred from the lasers on the Venture Compound lawn as well as the septic tank explosion.). Enjoy!

Venture Bros. storyboards from "Tears of a Sea Cow" continued

Venture Bros. storyboard from "Tears of a Sea Cow" fin

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Space Ghost!

Not a whole lot of time on my hands lately as I am super busy with work. I managed to whip out a new Jelly, though. (That sounds kinda gross.) This one only took me about 20 minutes. This month's topic is Hanna-Barbera. So here is my abomination of the great Alex Toth's creation, Space Ghost!