Friday, October 5, 2007

Halloween Jelly

Here's my entry for this month's Jelly. This is just one of the Halloween disappointments I had as a kid. I always had grand ideas for costumes but the costumes back then sucked. If I am supposed to be Superman, why do I have a picture of Superman on my chest? Did Supes fly around with a picture of himself on his chest? It also sucked Trick or Treating in the Northeast. You always had to wear tons of layers either under or over your costume. A few times it even snowed. Today's costumes are so much better. I would have killed for the ones they have out today. Anyways, I hope you like the drawing!


sal iovine said...

hahaha.... this is freakin hiilarious! love the way you feel that the character is all layered in clothing. the small mask is brilliant. nice job!

Matthew Luxich said...

friggin hilarious... i outstretched a c3po costume for that same reason in the early 70s.... and yeah what the hell was that all about. not putting the emblem but a picture ofthe character instead.... Total HORSESH!T.

Mr. Jeff said...

"love the way you feel the CHARACTER is..." Yeah, the poor character. This is a masterpiece. This is true art. Effing hilarious and sad. Wonderful detail. Something new to look at every time I see it. (Good for up to 3 viewings)