Friday, October 19, 2007

Xiaolin Showdown

Here's another print I will have available at the Syracuse Heroes Expo (this Sunday, October 21st!) I haven't drawn these characters in over 2 years. It was fun going back and drawing them again. It all came back to me like I had never stopped drawing them! I loved working on this show and I wish they'd make more. Done in Alias Sketchbook.


Mr. Jeff said...

Very cute! All the hands look EXCELLENT!

sal iovine said...

killer man...nice job on these. great poses. thanks for the link to my blog btw. i will put a link to my page the next time i update my blog which should be very very soon.. are you currently working at a studio?

Michael Borkowski said...

Thanks, Sal! I'm wrapping up work on The Venture Bros. right now. I do pretty much all of my work from home on a freelance basis.

Mr. Jeff said...

Looks like Omi needs to work out, ya bitch.